Om Unit’s Top 5 Music Documentaries

Over the past five years, Om Unit has established himself as one of the most consistent and original artists in the electronic sphere. Based in London, the producer first made his mark with a reworking of Joker’s ‘Digi Design’, getting the blessing of Kode9 for a white label treatment. This quickly led to appearances on Fabric’s ‘Elevator Music’ compilation, All City Records and Plastician’s Terrorhythm imprint with the ‘The Corridor’ EP, Om Unit’s first statement of intent.

Since then he’s worked with the likes of Civil Musc, Metalheadz, Exit Records, Red Bull and his own Cosmic Bridge. We caught up with Om to find out what his all time 5 music documentaries are.

Brian Eno – Red Bull Music Academy Lecture

Brian is a mastermind of the process, this one lecture contains more wisdom than any production tutorial could ever deliver, surrender vs control.

Synthesisers In The Movies

This documentary shows the link between synthesis, futurism, and distopia, and also has some good geek out value for musicians and producers.

A London Some’ting Dis

I used to watch this loads as a kid, i taped it off the TV and it gave me a lot of encouragement to see behind the scenes of jungle, DJ Ron features heavily, a man who i feel has been a bit of an unsung hero. He’s part of the Rinse FM management nowadays and i believe has a genuine interest in fostering talent.

David Bowie – 5 years

This is a lesson in being re-inventive, What Bowie achieved in 5 years is quite something!

Watch full version HERE

Sun Ra – Brother From Another Planet

Mystic musician Sun Ra is a genuinely inspirational character, very single minded about his entire approach, his biography book is enormous because of the things he did in his lifetime, to quote Marshal Allen, the current Arkestra leader “he was a busy man” that is no understatement.

Check out Om Units latest remix of the mighty Reggae legend Sizzla, out now on Muti Music


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