#TBT 1995 – 1st Jungle / Drum & Bass Essential Mix on Radio 1

Gonna take you way back on this one to a historic moment in Jungle / Drum & Bass when the legendary Junglist DJ Ron was asked to do the first ever BBC Radio 1 Essential mix on Pete Tongs show of its genre.
A-14157-1257644993.jpegDJ Ron was one of jungle’s most influential men back in the day and clearly took this challenge seriously with a little musical help from  Goldie, Roni Size, Dillinja, Tom & Jerry, Alex Reece and more.

DJ Ron – Essential Mix – [15-01-1995]
Goldie – Inner City Life [FFRR]
DJ Ron – Caamam Land [London Something]
Wax Doctor & Alex Reece – Untitled
DJ Kane – Untitled [Trouble & Vynal]
Hooligan – Untitled
Lucky Spin – I Can’y Understand
Alex Reece – Untitled
Just Jungle – Untitled [Trouble & Vynal]
MC Lenny – Untitled [Acetate]
Top Cat – Untitled [Conquering Lion]
Omni Trio – Take Me Up Part 3 [Moving Shadow]
DJ Hype – Copes (Remix) [Ganja]
Ray Keith – Moby VIP [Acetate]
? [Acetate]
Spoonage – Bad Man [Acetate]
Dance Master – Bommer [Sohn]
Tom & Jerry With L Double – Lover To Lover (Remix) [Tom & Jerry]
Pugwash – Sweetee (Remix) [Jo]
Dillinja – Untitled [Logic]
Sweetie Irie – Untitled [Conquering Lion]
Brian Weird – Untitled [Acetate]
? [Kemet]
Roni Size – All The Crew [V]
Pugwash – Stamina (Remix) [Joker]
Roni Size – 11.55 [Phillie Blunts]
? – 16 Bit [Hard Step]
Dillinja – ? [Logic]
Goldie – Timeless [Inner City Life] [FFRR]

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