Serial Killaz – Top 5 Game Changing Jungle Tunes

Junglist dons Serial Killaz have teamed up with Bristol based Run Tingz Cru and took on the mighty Future Prophecies ‘Dreadlock‘ track for a 2015 remix along side an original production under their new name Killa Tingz called Sound a Sound.  You can check out the release below but we first asked Serial Killaz what were their 5 top game changing tracks in the world of Jungle.

Goldie – Inner City Life

It was so groundbreaking, a proper tune, where everything was pretty much played live and arranged like an actual song. It took d&b into the charts and out to the masses.

Conquering Lion – Code Red

This was such an important Jungle tune, you could pick any of Rebel’s tunes from around the time, but this one stands out to everyone and represents his sound.

Dead Dread – Dread Bass

The tune that launched a thousand imitations. If they hadn’t left the bassline clean for those 4 bars at the end of the track, the Jungle scene would have taken a very different direction.

Splash – Babylon

One of those Jungle tunes that really stands the test of time, It still sounds totally fresh today and has some of the best beat-editing of any Jungle tune ever.

Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows

One of the biggest breakbeat tunes ever made.

Future Prophecies – Dreadlock – Killa Tingz 2015 Remix

Buy from Run Tingz Recordings here


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