Who Is Brian Brainstorm?

As we listen to 15 Years of Technique Summer compilation we’re treated to plenty of quality Drum & Bass vibes for those crazy summer parties and then a track comes on called Pon Di Streets by Brain Brainstorm that takes a full on futuristic approach to Jungle that really catches our attention.

Pon Di Streets starts off with a smooth melodic vibe and our heads our nodding but when it drops, it drops LARGE! Raging Reece basslines, hard hitting breaks and enough energy to power a nuclear sub. We’re now on our desks skanking out big time.

But just who is Brian Brainstorm?  Hailing from Cologne in Germany, Brain’s been on the buttons since 2009 gaining respect and support from the likes of Serial Killaz, Kenny Ken, Marcus Visionary and now of course Simon Bassline Smith.  Starting of with varied tempo’s of styles it’s clear he’s found his niche in Jungle influenced Drum & Bass and his latest offering on Technique Recordings Summer compilation is a true testament to that.

Check out Pon Di Streets right here:

Wanna hear more of the Technique compilation?

15 Years of Technique – Summer Selection Album is out on 21 August on Technique Recordings

more Brian Brainstorm – Facebook / Soundcloud / Mixcloud
more Technique Recordings – Website / Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter


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