Erb N Dub Takes Us Back

Erb N Dubs latest release on Technique Recordings certainly is pushing the boundaries and with support from the likes of Andy C, Audio & Mind Vortex it’s certainly doing the business.

“I was too young to have really been into Jungle… However I do vaguely remember a school disco where Harry Shotta and few others played loads of Jungle music… lol. That was one mad night… school kids thinking they are gangsters 🙂  I blame Micky Finn for having his record shop Bitin Back in our local town of Gravesend.___MICKYFIN-A-600-001.jpg
I got into DNB around 2002 when I was at University… I remember hearing Ram Trilogy’s Titan and I was hooked… I always wanted to make live DNB and after hearing Roni Size Represent I was sold…

Around the same time me and my mates started going to Maidstone’s weekly DNB night Atomics. I always wanted to DJ there but I was just starting out. However, my friend KG did… Crazy Crazy nights that turned into days 🙂 Parties at Stratford Rex were always and experience lol, You never new if you were gonna make it out alive! Back then Harry Shotta was called Lethal, we just used to rave, never thinking DNB would become our careers. It’s been a wicked journey and I wouldn’t change any of it!

Also I saw my big brother Navigator play at Glastonbury with the Freestylers and Roni Size Represent both on the Jazz stage. I didn’t know either of them at the time. Watching them play inspired me to make the music I do. A few years later I’ve released loads of music with Navi and we have toured all over Europe together and I now work with MC Dynamite in my live band Wicked City. If you had told me then I would be working with either of them in a few years I would have never believed you!

DNB took hold of me, I was a massive fan 🙂 In 2005 I started messing about with beats and 2007 I had my first release and started my career. There is something about the DNB drums that captured me. The tempo and beats grabbed me and I’ve never looked back!”

Erb N Dub – Altitude & Drummer OUT NOW on Techniques Recordings

Buy Beatport –  iTunes


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