Introducing: Steppa Style


Introducing: Steppa Style

Please tell us a bit about your background and how you first got into making music.

I was born in Moscow, Russia, where I finished in a special English school and university for lawyers. From early days I was into singing and trying to copy someones character. First I get into music when I was around 15, I really loved hip-hop and snowboarding so I was into some freestyles  and stuff at that kind of  parties. Bob Marley was common in my walkman and i started to discover reggae and dancehall music, downloading it, surfing the net for it. Then, in 2005 -2006 my friend told me that there is a Jungle party somewhere in Moscow. So we came there, paid the entry and got caught by vibes tornado. It was two dance floors: main  for jungle and  second for reggae and dub. Then I asked  DJ for a mic, and he gave it to me and I made my early time performance and people liked it even it was weak as hell from my nowadays view. Since then i started to perform on jungle and reggae parties in Moscow and Russia and i never payed the entry again) That crew – who promoted that first night is my crew now – Trudebwoys Sound.

What can you tell us about the reggae and jungle scene in Russia?

Well, the scene is very divided and small. You can imagine all over Russia we have only 3 – 5 sounds which are playing Reggae/Dancehall and Ragga – Jungle. Few got dubs. Drum and Bass is much stronger but that’s another story. I’ve been all over Russia – From Moscow to Kamchatka, which is next to US and Japan , u really cant get a big crowd of ppl here. But we are promoting it still, we have a radio show called Good Vibes on FM radio. Same name for our clothing line. People here  don’t want to take another culture, they’re very closed minded. They asking me – why u are singing in English? – we cant understand the lyrics, why u are making reggae? – u are from Russia, not JA or UK. So we are giving them the wider  view  with different kinds of music and trying hard to build the scene and culture.

How did the collaboration with the Dirty Dubsters for ‘I Love’ come along?

I linked with Dubsters in Internet first and we decided to release my album ‘’See The World’’ on Irish Moss Rec. Then I met Barry on Uprising reggae festival in 2014 live in living colors. So we released my album in the end of 2014 and it was a good vibe. Then guys linked me for a feature on them album – that’s how the tune buss.

Please tell us about your three highlight gigs of your career up till now.

I am trying to make all of my gigs memorable, but sometimes it doesn’t happen because of the different factors. Anyway, my highlights are: last years island Bali gig, All Uprising fests, Maderira Island, this years Boomtown Fair and Electric Picnic, Dubai Gig, My Czech tour, India and China tour, Russian tour with General Levy and  Russian tour with Deadly Hunta.

What have you got lined up for next year?

Next year I am planing to release my new album: “Mad Russian’”, recording tunes and making collabs for it . Couple videos gonna come out.  It’s gonna feature collab tunes with: Carlton Livingston, Michael Fabulous, General Levy, Deadly Hunta, Tenor Fly, Jamalski, Bobby Hustle and more. For production I just voiced two tunes for Dj Vadim. loving his music. For Jungle I got: Marcus Visionary, Deekline, Epeak, and etc. Also have some festivals and gigs booked already, planing a French tour with Jamalski and European tour with Dj Mocity (Reggae Rajahs).

Which Jungle track are you especially feeling at the moment and why?

Our new release with Deekline, Feyder alongside Steppa Style and Ragga Twins – Sound Burial. Just got digital release and soon coming on vinyl on Jungle Cakes. I am proud to work with such big names in the game and tune sound mad! Boom

Check out Steppa’s track with Dirty Dubsters here

Check the full album ‘Special request’ here
Buy here

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