MC Profit’s Top 5 Ragga Jungle Tracks


We caught up with UK based MC PRofit, to hear his top 5 Ragga Jungle tunes and why.

Benny Page – ‘Turn Down The Lights’

Benny ‘Badboi’ Page in affect! This tune! One of my favourites, never gets old. This tune works from small clubs to large stages, it’s a banger.
I’m only putting one Benny track in but he is one of my favourite producers and has mad so many other bangers – the track ‘Party with You’ ft Sweetie Irie & ‘Champion Sound’ ft Ninja Man again they get major plays just when i’m running around doing stuff.

Bones & Natty – ‘Thunder’ / ‘POW’

Because it was written by the boss of the label releasing my album and I have to keep on his good side! Haha, just joking. A 12″ it was solid. I preferred ‘POW’ but I liked the energy of ‘Thunder’ and the synth line later in the track.

Leviticus – ‘The Burial’

This tune was one of the first Jungle records I heard. It was a tune then and still is now.

– King Yoof ft Jah Mirikle ‘Warrior Charge’.

This is a little more laid back but it a roller same way! Yoof and I go back a while working together and he did produced Next Riddim – he’s got that Bass, Reggae flavour. In fact the vocals for this track were recorded at my place and it was the first time I met Mirikle, which led to True Colours being recorded. Once I heard him singing on this track it jumped out me straight away.
Communal affair, so big up Yoof and Mirikle!

– PRofit ft. Mr. Ti2bs & Juxci D ‘Next Riddim’ (Gold Dubs Remix)

I wouldn’t normally include one of my tracks, well this isn’t fully it’s the Gold Dubs remix, so that makes it alright. Gold Dubs is heavy producer and he smacked the remix for Next Riddim. The reaction from people like Grooverider, Benny Page and Ray Keith was good and people seemed to have been feeling it as well. Hopefully Gold and I will get another track sorted together for 2016

True Colours Pt. II feat. Chip Fu & Jah Mirikle

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