Hylu & Jago – Pressure Ft. Kosher


The first single in the build up to the debut Unit 137 album is about to drop! Hylu & Jago have teamed up with the multi talented vocalist Kosher, to bring you Pressure, a Ragga Jungle track full of thought provoking conscious lyrics and energy.

Hylu & Jago are an innovative DJ/MC production team, who work with various musicians & vocalists. Hylu & Jago’s live shows are always creative & versatile, flowing through genres seamlessly, spanning across Dub, Reggae, Jungle and much more.

This is Kosher’s debut release and sees her blend tough Ragga chats with soulful roots revival singing throughout. Kosher was born and raised in Hackney, East London, where she grew up surrounded by the rise of British dance music and Jamaican roots Reggae. Although this is her first release she is by no means a stranger to music. Kosher is a vocalist set to make waves in 2016 and beyond.

Pressure has been circulating as a dubplate by a select few, with Congo Natty championing the track in dances across the world.

The original is complimented with a high-energy one-drop Reggae remix from the duo Ghost Writerz. This version features vocals from Jason ‘Jimmy Screech’ Bradshaw, which accompanies and compliments Kosher’s original vocal performance beautifully.

Unit 137 are launching their brand new event, No Pips, which will be held at The Stretch (Dixon Road, New Cross, London, SE14 6NW) on Friday 12th February 2016. The full sound system and crew will be representing, plus special guests, including Lionpulse Sound, Ramon Judah and Crucial Sound. To kick things off as they mean to go on, the first event will be the launch party for Pressure!

Buy the release HERE

Catch up with the guys on Facebook: Hylu & Jago, Kosher & Unit 137


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