Selecta J- Man’s Top 5 Producers from Bristol

With his first EP on Born On Road up and running, Selecta J- Man is one to watch out for this year. Delivering pure vibes with Cease & Sekkle EP , we’ve asked him about his favourite producers hailing from his home base Bristol. Make sure to check some quality bass heaviness below and keep these guys on the radar.

Get Cease & Sekkle EP here.

Roni Size

When I first got into Jungle & Drum n bass, I had Roni Size tracks on repeat! One of the foundation artists for the music and a Bristol Treasure! 

Run Tingz

I’ve gotta big up Run Tingz as they were the guys that really supported me initially and brought me into the scene. The tunes always sound tuff with chunky rolling beats and big basslines. Their choice of vocalists is spot on and ensures that every track is in instant classic!


I’ve known Woz for a long time and although we now move in different musical territories, I love his music. He’s always super creative with this synthesis and the productive is always top notch and crispy. 


Kreed is relatively new on the scene, but he’s absolutely smashing it! His production is pro and the creativity seems to just flow out of him. Currently working a lot with Gardna and the Boom Sound label, He’s making some serious moves and is definitely one to keep an eye for! 

Gorgon Sound

These guys really understand soundsystem, and it shows. Super heavy forward thinking dub!


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