Nuphlo: Top 5 Jungle tunes of all time!

Nuphlo just released his debut full length album ‘Digital Soundclash’ on Studio Rockers. It has a very recognisable Jungle influence all over the album, including the awesome track ‘Rumba Box’)

We thought this was a great time to catch up with him to find out what his top Jungle tracks of all time are.

1. Rachid – Charade (Grooverider mix)

I recorded this tune on tape off Fabio’s Radio 1 show when I was a kid. It’s still so fresh.

2. Breakage – The 9th Hand

I am a high shool Art teacher by day. I got a class to draw/interperate this tune visually once. The outcome was wierd but great.

3. Ges-e & Osmani Soundz-The Calling

I always play this Nasha Records masterpiece in my sets.

4. Jonny L – Voices in my Dreams

I’ve always rated Jonny L for making tunes that sound diffent to everything else out there.

5. Juju – The Summer

This tune really does sound like the Summer. Always one I’ve enjoyed listening to.

Buy the album here





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